Advanced scheduling for complex Health Sciences programs

Plan and collaborate across departments and programs by centralizing your scheduling process.

Streamlined program scheduling

Create centralized schedules for all of your learning experiences. With synchronized schedules across your program, you’ll know at a glance who is working where, with whom, and what they’re doing.

Faster communication

Automate the communication of schedules and plan changes so you can shift your attention from your inbox to creating great learner experiences.

Do more with your assessment data

Support your faculty and administration with detailed schedules and easy-to-use tools that let them make the most out of your assessment data.

Key Features of One45 Scheduling

Didactic and Clinical Scheduling

One45 Program Scheduling helps ensure you have everything you need to schedule learners from Day 1 through to graduation, across all of your diverse learning activities.

Track duty hours, leave time and facilitators

One45 Program Scheduling features detailed tracking of duty hours, leave time, and facilitators for each event, giving you the granularity you need for accurate and simplified program and accreditation reporting.

Personalized learner dashboards

One45 Program Scheduling gives your learners up-to-the-minute schedule access through a personalized dashboard, and the ability to sync with external calendars, such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook.

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What makes One45 different?

Flexible lottery options

Stream, Randomized Stream, and Rotation Lotteries provide flexible options to schedule your learners into clinical activities in a fair and automated way.

Multi-layered scheduling

One45 Program Scheduling lets you run multiple concurrent schedules with different granularities, with integrated assessment so you can ensure you hit the outcomes you’re seeking.

Alignment with your LMS

One45 Program Scheduling lets you capture the granular facilitator detail you need for accreditation reporting by aligning learning events with what is recorded in Canvas, through our Canvas Alignment Tool.

“This is a system that we have had in place for a few years now. Because they never cease to amaze us with their ability to make our lives easier and the endless possibilities.”

Shelley Johnson, Program Coordinator, Internal Medicine Residency Program, University of Saskatchewan

One45 software strengthens Medical College of Georgia’s LCME accreditation

How Medical College of Georgia benefits from improved administrative efficiency and program evaluation capabilities

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does One45 Program Scheduling enhance what is captured in my LMS?

The Canvas Alignment Tool synchronizes the learning events and facilitators’ names with what is in One45, so that you can be confident your curriculum map is always complete with the detail you need for facilitator reporting. This tool makes it easy for you to ensure that your One45 curriculum map remains up-to-date with the latest data from the Canvas Learning Management System.

How do the One45 Program Scheduling lottery types work?

Stream Lottery:
This lottery type enables learners to choose a stream or sequence of rotations they prefer. Learners rank their preferences, and the One45 lottery algorithm allocates learners to their highest-ranked available stream.

Rotation Lottery:
One45 rotation lotteries let learners rank their preferred rotations. Learners choose among available rotation periods and One45 assigns learners to the highest ranked rotation available.

Randomized Stream Lottery:
Combining elements of both the Stream and Rotation lotteries, learners rank their preferred streams before allocation, and then rank their stream afterward, allowing for a high degree of flexibility, while also maintaining structure in the scheduling process.

How is One45 Program Scheduling personalized for students?

One45 Program Scheduling includes personalized dashboards for learners, to ensure they have an up-to-date view of when and where to be at all times. Each student’s personalized schedule can be synchronized with their preferred calendar option, as well (e.g., Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook). Student dashboards also provide a centralized place to view and complete assessments, view curriculum, and understand their overall performance and trajectory.

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