Ease Your MSPE Administrative Burden

Bring together the data you need to generate error-free Medical Student Performance Evaluation letters.



By automating critical updates from your key data sources, the One45 MSPE Builder eliminates the old time-consuming copy and paste efforts as new grades and narrative comments arrive.

Focus effort where it’s needed

Positively influence your learners’ Match outcomes with their top residency choices, with more time to focus on learners’ letters that need more attention.

Be confident in your letters

Ensure that your MSPE letters comply with the most recent AAMC guidelines and that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

How One45 MSPE Builder Works

Data and template setup

We ensure your key data is set up to accurately populate your program’s approved template each year, so that automated updates appear directly within each learner’s letter.

Letter review

You edit and review each letter, incorporating learner feedback gathered in the system, to ensure each graduating learner is accurately represented. One45 MSPE Builder’s dynamic template allows you to easily accommodate off-cycle learners.

Finalize and upload to ERAS

Preview and finalize MSPE letters with the correct signatures applied, seamlessly facilitate learner review, and upload letters to ERAS, all in less time than ever before.

Key features

Dynamic MSPE template

Easily accommodate off-cycle learners and those with differing paths with our dynamic template behavior—no more need to manage multiple templates.

Seamlessly integrate Noteworthy Characteristics

Ensure your learners’ Noteworthy Characteristics are directly integrated into their letters.

Built-in learner review

Avoid errors and save time by incorporating feedback from your learners’ review directly within the One45 MSPE Builder.

What makes One45 different?

Automation from multiple sources

Deep integrations with multiple data sources power the automated data population in the letters for a complete and accurate MSPE solution.

Stress-free performance graphs

Performance graphs for each learner are automatically generated to show their performance relative to the class, including off-cycle learners.

Easily identify graduating learners

Identify which learners need MSPE letters for each cycle and their unique circumstances, and be notified automatically when a learner’s status changes, all within the One45 MSPE Builder’s learner management dashboard.

“We are very grateful to you all and we know that all of our processes at [Frank] Netter will continue to improve due to all that we learned from the evaluation system and how it communicates with the MSPEs.”

Steve Paik, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions, Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine

How UTMB Streamlined its MSPE Process

University of Texas Medical Branch John Sealy School of Medicine significantly improves administrative efficiency and student engagement using MSPE Builder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use other One45 modules to be able to use MSPE Builder?

Not necessarily–we do support clients who use other education program management systems, as well, through integrations.

Can you generate the MSPE letters on my school’s letterhead?

Yes, your MSPE letters are generated on a template that includes your school’s logo, to replicate your school letterhead.

How many reviewers and signatories can we have in MSPE Builder?

There is an unlimited number of letter reviewer and editor seats within the solution. Our dynamic MSPE template allows you to have multiple signatories, as well, for different learners’ letters.

Why is One45 MSPE Builder the best way to reduce the time spent on creating MSPE letters?

By using One45 MSPE Builder, you can automate the process of MSPE letter creation, saving your team’s valuable time and effort by consolidating critical information updates from your key data sources, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

How can I ensure that my MSPE letters are accurate and compliant with the latest AAMC guidelines?

One45 MSPE Builder is designed to ensure your MSPE letters align with the most recent AAMC guidelines, including automated performance graphs. It integrates data from multiple sources, for complete and accurate letters, and also incorporates a built-in learner review feature for a seamless MSPE process.

How can I handle off-cycle learners when creating MSPE letters?

One45 MSPE Builder’s dynamic template easily accommodates off-cycle learners and those with differing paths (e.g., learners pursuing MD/PhD pathways). As well, the learner management dashboard ensures that learners who will need MSPE letters this cycle are surfaced to you for your attention. This top-tier solution enables you to effectively manage learners’ unique needs without the need for multiple templates.

Is there an efficient way to integrate Noteworthy Characteristics into MSPE letters?

Yes, with One45 MSPE Builder, learners’ Noteworthy Characteristics can be seamlessly integrated into their letters. Our built-in automation eliminates the need to copy and paste this key information into each learner’s MSPE letter.

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