See the Whole Picture with Unified Data

Unlock the power of your program’s data with a turn-key data-warehouse and Analytics solution.


Eliminate data silos

Analytics by Acuity Insights breaks down data silos by seamlessly merging diverse data points from across disparate systems to provide your whole team with a comprehensive understanding of your program and learners.


Make confident, data-informed decisions

With rich, real-time data visualizations at your fingertips, you can make evidence-based decisions that drive continuous quality improvement for your learners and program.


Focus your time on meaningful work

Move away from spreadsheets and get real-time answers to your most pressing questions, while uncovering insights you never thought were possible.

How Analytics Works

1. Connect your key data sources

Analytics brings together your pre-clinical and clinical grades, in-course exams, gateway exams, matriculation data, course evaluations and residency match data into a secure, centralized data warehouse. Critical integrations with best-in-class tools mean that they work together to paint a complete picture of performance.

2. Execute data quality processes 

Your program’s data is updated daily with ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) processes running to ensure data completeness and quality. Program data is tagged and embellished to ensure that data visualizations and reports are precise and accurate.

3. Access real-time data visualizations

Analytics dashboards enable your team to investigate and answer key questions about learners, cohorts, courses, and overall program performance. This complete, longitudinal picture of performance empowers administrators to recognize trends, be alerted of low performance issues, and drive continuous improvement across your program.

Key features

Automated integrations

Analytics integrates with best-in-class education program management systems like One45, Learning Management Systems like Canvas and Blackboard Learn, and other key data sources such as ExamSoft and NBME. Automated integrations bring disparate data together so you can get even more value from the systems you’re using today.

Single source of truth

Elevate your program with data-driven insights for continuous quality improvement, with consistent, accurate data across Student Affairs, Assessment, Curriculum, Accreditation and CQI, Admissions, and Medical Education offices.

Turn-key data warehouse & dashboards

With Analytics, there’s no need for expensive internal resources to build the reporting you need to answer key questions and make data-informed decisions. Analytics dashboards and reports were designed in collaboration with programs to deliver rich, unique insights about your learners and program.

What makes Analytics different?

Supercharge your Program Management System

Analytics is not just a reporting and analytics tool for our trusted One45 solution. It brings together your key data from across the best-in-class solutions you’re already using to run your curriculum and assess learners.

Accreditation reporting in hours instead of days

Analytics features streamlined dashboards and visualizations that were purposely built for programs like yours to help maximize success when it comes time for accreditation reporting. With Analytics, your accreditation workload is reduced from days to hours.

Our expert team

Our team lives and breathes your data, and with our deep domain expertise in education, we will ensure you are set up for success from Day 1. We are proud of our keen focus on your program’s success, just ask our clients!

“Analytics has been a powerful tool for Mercer University’s School of Medicine, saving significant time for staff and administration and allowing more time to be focused on working with students.”

Misty Graham, Academic Success Counsellor, School of Medicine, Mercer University

Drive actionable insights for your program with a single source of truth

More than 


different systems are used to support a typical medical education program

Up to 


less time needed to complete clerkship evaluations



cost of attrition for one struggling learner

Less manual reporting results in more time with learners for Mercer University School of Medicine

How Analytics’ off-the-shelf data warehouse and reporting creates great efficiencies for a program without the resources to build a homegrown system.

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Available Integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of buying a turn-key solution vs. building our own software?

There are many benefits, including time savings in building requirements and developing software, reduced load on your internal IT team, and significant cost savings for both the development and ongoing maintenance of bespoke in-house software.

Who in my program will benefit from adopting Analytics?

As Analytics helps you to break down data silos within your program, administrators across Student Affairs, Assessment, Curriculum, Accreditation/Continuous Quality Improvement, Admissions, Academic Affairs and Office of Medical Education, as well as course advisors benefit from a single source of truth.

How can I use BI (business intelligence software) like Analytics by Acuity Insights in my program?

BI (business intelligence) tools like Analytics are used to track key performance indicators over time and uncover patterns in your data. This can greatly benefit most departments within a school, reducing data silos by providing real-time access to a single source of truth. Powerful reporting capabilities for a complete, longitudinal picture of performance empowers administrators to recognize trends, be alerted of low performance issues, and drive continuous improvement across your program.

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