Gain a Complete Picture of your Applicants

Evidence-based assessments that measure competencies and attributes beyond academic achievements.

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Holistic Approach

Add more data for a holistic view

It takes more than grades and test scores to become a successful professional. Our admissions assessments support a holistic review process by providing admissions teams with more data about each applicant.

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Make confident decisions

Built on over 15 years of research, our standardized assessments offer defensible data for those tough-to-measure competencies, and help to limit bias.

Time saver

A streamlined assessments approach

Save time and improve efficiencies with data that’s easy to integrate into your admissions process.

Powerful admissions assessments tools


An open-response, situational judgment test that evaluates social intelligence and professionalism.


Find applicants whose values and priorities for their education align with those of your program.

“Seeing this strong positive correlation [between Casper and clerkship grades] was a pleasant surprise and indicates that some of the qualities we look for in an applicant can be identified through Casper.”

Michael J. Woodson, Director of Admissions, Tulane University School of Medicine

Case Study

Holistic Admissions in the Lone Star State: How Texas A&M College of Medicine uses Casper to support their diversity mission, without considering race or ethnicity.

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