Find future engineers who have the human skills to tackle complex problems

The world is rapidly changing – the problems engineers face are increasingly complex. Integrating the Casper Situational Judgment Test (SJT) in your admissions process can help you identify applicants with the potential and skills to become successful graduates and engineering leaders of tomorrow.

Powerful professional skills for engineering education

Predict success

Improve student success and retention. Find applicants with human skills like problem-solving, collaboration, communication, resilience, and empathy, which are critical for in-program and professional success.

Widen admissions pathways

Take a holistic view of your applicants – look beyond academic grades and open opportunities for a broader, more diverse pool of applicants who might otherwise be overlooked. Create engineering leaders who reflect the communities for whom they build solutions.

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Optimize admissions

Reduce the burden on your admissions team. Save time and resources by selecting the best candidates early in the admissions process, using defensible, holistic data that’s more reliable than personal statements or reference letters.

Measure human skills and professionalism

Backed by 20 years of research, Casper is the most widely used situational judgment test in higher education admissions. ​​Casper presents applicants with scenarios and questions that allow them to demonstrate non-cognitive skills and the extent to which they can respond to challenging scenarios in a professional and socially intelligent manner, by using their diverse life experiences.

  • Evaluates what an applicant would do — and why — in personal and professional dilemmas
  • Open-response format allows applicants to provide reasoning behind their choices
  • Applicants take their tests online and responses are typed and video recorded to increase fairness
  • Scored by human raters who have undergone training that targets reducing implicit bias

Support student success

Identify and select applicants with high potential to thrive in their programs who then go on to succeed in the engineering professions.

Higher Casper scores are associated with:

  • Students receiving better employee evaluations in co-op placements and internships
  • Better instances of interview selection, interview performance, and program acceptance
  • Decreased incidences of non-professional complaints by up to 50%

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