Select the right applicants with confidence

Built on over 15 years of research, our standardized assessments offer defensible data for those tough-to-measure competencies, and help to limit bias.


Support your program’s mission

Our platform lets you holistically view and evaluate performance across learners, faculty, and program in order to drive continuous improvement and achieve your program’s mission.

Power CBME

Customize competencies, EPAs, and milestones to power the data collection and reporting needs of competency-based assessments for your trainees.

Our Solutions

Admissions assessments

Go deeper than test scores — measure social intelligence, professionalism and mission alignment, too.

Program management

Make sure your programs are running at peak efficiency — for your students and your staff.

Data and insights

Get the data you need to identify gaps, seize opportunities and drive results — all in one place.

We used Duet to find additional candidates to interview. These candidates had lower step scores so we would have missed them otherwise, but with Duet we were able to interview 18 candidates that were fabulous!

Dr. Donald Hess, Program Director of the General Surgery Residency, Boston University School of Medicine

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