See the Path to Smoother Program Operations

Simplify complex workflows, streamline accreditation, and enhance assessment for your health professions program with One45 by Acuity Insights


Comprehensive solution for your complete program

Power scheduling, curriculum management, assessment and evaluation, and MSPE processes with one flexible solution.


Reduce the hassle of accreditation reporting

One45 supports accreditation requirements across assessment, curriculum, clinical experiences and logs, and Student Affairs, as well as the day-to-day reporting needs of your program.


Connect your team and learners

Training great professionals is a collaborative effort across all departments in a school. Our program management solution makes information sharing, collaboration, and communication easy across departments and with learners.

Getting started with One45

Optimize your schedule

Your preclinical and clinical schedules drive the seamless workflows in One45, so your learners, faculty and administrators have a longitudinal, detailed view of all learning events.

Power your curriculum map and assessment processes 

Comprehensive curriculum management and timely, verifiable assessment and evaluation processes, while tracking duty hours, logs and grades is easier with workflows tied to your unique schedule.

Report on progress toward your mission

Learners and administrators understand their progress toward their goals with comprehensive reporting on assessment and evaluation data and curriculum data, ensuring accreditation and residency match success.

Key features

Advanced Health Professions Program Scheduling

One45 simplifies the planning and coordinating of schedules for unique and complex programs across didactic and clinical activities, including multiple lottery options, duty hours, logs and grades.

Curriculum optimization

Accurately map instructional events to learning outcomes, quickly identify inconsistencies, and understand opportunities to drive continuous quality improvement.

Enhanced assessment and evaluation

Standardize and refine your assessment and evaluation processes to align with desired curriculum goals and learning outcomes, ensuring that you can easily adopt new learning and assessment models like competency based education.

Automated MSPE letters

Eliminate copy-and-paste efforts and automate the generation of Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) letters for application to residency with comprehensive, reliable data integrated from multiple sources, including One45.

What makes One45 different?

Made for programs, with programs

One45 is developed in close collaboration with an array of partner institutions, and with our deep domain expertise in education, we will ensure you are set up for success from Day 1.

Covers all your key processes

When you adopt One45, you can be sure that all of your key processes are covered, from automated MSPE letters to ensuring early intervention with low-performance alerts.

Expanding the power of One45

For a more complete, holistic view of your data, our turn-key Analytics solution empowers you to explore One45 data alongside assessment data from your LMS, ExamSoft, the NBME, and more.

Let us support your success

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Frank H. Netter MD Medical School puts students first with One45

How Frank H. Netter MD Medical School is using One45 to innovate assessment and evaluation practices, curriculum management, and the MSPE process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is One45?

One45 is a comprehensive Education Program Management solution that streamlines complex operations, simplifies accreditation, and enhances assessment for Health Professions programs. Using One45, programs streamline and automate their scheduling, curriculum management and mapping, and assessment and evaluation to meet the needs of their unique program, ensuring successful outcomes for learners, and faculty.

How flexible is the One45 platform?

We have designed One45 to foster best practices in education and data management, with the flexibility of supporting different workflows for your specific program’s needs. To maximize the benefits of the system, programs adopt the full One45 solution, however it is also available in a modular format, as well as take advantage of integrations with other best-in-class tools, like Canvas and Ellucian Banner to grow with your program’s needs.

How does One45 integrate with other systems?

One45 can be used seamlessly alongside best-in-class LMS and SIS systems such as Canvas and Ellucian Banner, through built-in integrations and tools. As well, we offer a range of APIs for ad-hoc reporting needs.

What types of higher education programs use One45 today?

We serve allopathic and osteopathic medical schools (UME/UGME), residency programs (GME/PGME), veterinary, dentistry, pharmacy, nurse practitioner, undergraduate and graduate nursing, physician assistant, podiatry, and midwifery programs, as well as faculties of health sciences and varied other specialized programs.

What mobile functionality is available for One45?

One45 is optimized for a mobile experience as it is designed to be responsive to all platforms and devices, so can easily be used on-the-go, for example, for completing on-site assessments.

How can I streamline my health professions program operations and accreditation processes?

With One45, you can enhance and optimize your operations, support accreditation requirements, and refine assessments, all under a single platform. This allows for seamless management of your health professions program.

What strategies can I use to enhance inter-departmental collaboration in a health professions program?

One45 is built to foster seamless information sharing, collaboration, and communication across departments and with learners. This makes it an invaluable tool in promoting inter-departmental collaboration in health professions programs.

What are effective ways to manage curriculum and 360 degree assessment and evaluation processes in health professions programs?

One45 offers comprehensive curriculum management and assessment and evaluation processes tailored to your unique schedule. This empowers both administrators and learners, supporting them in reaching their program goals.

How can I automate MSPE letter generation in my medical school?

One45 features an automated process for generating MSPE letters. It pulls from a central source of comprehensive and reliable data, significantly reducing the manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

How can I effectively monitor and address student performance in health professions programs?

One45 provides an encompassing solution that covers all key processes, including managing student performance with low-performance alerts. This allows for comprehensive student tracking, early intervention, and improved learner outcomes.

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