Ensure a timely and verifiable assessment & evaluation process, for and by learners

Maximize Insights Through Standardized Assessment & Evaluation

Collect and share timely data

Simplify the collection of in-training evaluations and assessments. Tie your program’s unique forms to your master schedule and automate the distribution and collection of data for all stakeholders.

Consolidate and manage grades

Easily import, calculate, and manage grades data from One45 and other solutions within a single interface. Provide learners with real-time access to their progress, to help ensure their ongoing success.

Adapt to new learning and assessment models

Efficiently collect required assessment data and create reports to ensure you can make timely and relevant decisions about entrustment and progression.

Key features

Automate evaluations and in-training assessments

Save time and reduce errors with workflows designed for quality data and feedback collection, including 360° reviews, 2-tier workflows, and procedure logs.

Manage CBE assessments and reporting data

Report on achievement, trajectory narrative feedback, milestones, work-based assessments (WBAs) and EPAs to power Competency Based Education, providing direct learner access to their personal trajectory.

Track progress on clinical experience

Gather different types of data including flexible patient encounter logs (simulation, live), procedure logs, diagnosis encounters, and EPAs, and track achievement via progress indicators.

What makes One45 different?

Powerful flexibility

Forms and workflows flexibly accommodate your unique assessment and evaluation needs and help you easily adapt to new learning and assessment models.

Outcome-focused implementation and support

Our team is committed to your success. We focus on deeply understanding the outcomes you’re seeking and ensure you’re set up properly to achieve them.

Our expert team

Our team lives and breathes your data and processes, and with our deep domain expertise in education and assessment, we will ensure you are set up for success from Day 1.

Our implementation of CBME went really smoothly. The way One45 has streamlined CBME and how it rolls into reports is making my life much easier.

Paula Taylor, Education Coordinator, Dalhousie Medical School

Frank H. Netter MD Medical School puts students first with One45

How Frank H. Netter MD Medical School is using One45 to innovate assessment and evaluation practices, curriculum management, and the MSPE process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can One45 Assessment and Evaluation help us manage our shift to a new assessment model?

Our team has deep experience and expertise in helping programs through the change management involved in navigating to new methods and models of assessment and evaluation, such as CBE/CBME. The flexibility of our solution ensures that forms and workflows can accommodate your unique assessment and evaluation needs to help you meet your desired outcomes.

How customizable are One45’s Assessment and Evaluation workflows?

One45’s workflows are extremely flexible to help you achieve the outcomes you’re seeking for assessment of and by learners, faculty, courses, clerkships, etc. Customizable forms and scales, with the granular ability to tag questions, ensure that your program is capturing what you need to measure learner progress and identify areas for continuous quality improvement.

What mobile functionality is available for One45 Assessment and Evaluation?

One45 is optimized for a mobile experience as it is designed to be responsive to all platforms and devices, so can easily be used on-the-go, for example, for completing on-site assessments.

What access do learners have to their assessment and evaluation data in One45?

Learners have timely access to feedback and can view their personal longitudinal trajectory, as assessments and evaluations are consolidated with patient, procedure and diagnosis encounters within One45 Assessment and Evaluation.

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