Optimize Your Curriculum

Power the outcomes you’re seeking with dynamic curriculum mapping and management

Ensure curriculum accuracy

With centralized curriculum data, your team can easily collaborate and align on what is being taught, where, and by whom.

Identify areas of success and opportunity

Quickly identify what’s working well and what needs to be improved, ensuring successful learner outcomes.

Advanced reporting

Intuitive reporting on gaps and redundancies, assessment coverage, teaching types, program objective traceability, and contact hours for ongoing CQI and accreditation reporting.

Key features

Dynamic curriculum mapping

Map your unique curriculum at multiple levels and to varied frameworks, to provide a comprehensive view of your program.

Powerful search tools

Easily report on keywords, hot topics, and competencies to clearly demonstrate how your curriculum meets your learning objectives.

Custom roles and permissions

Assign editor roles to those who need it, while guaranteeing access and visibility for learners and other key stakeholders.

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What makes One45 different?

Gap and redundancy reporting

Quickly identify gaps and redundancies in your curriculum map so that you can intervene in real time.

Map to multiple frameworks

Align your curriculum with multiple frameworks, lists, and taxonomies, based on your program’s needs and accreditation requirements.

Alignment with your LMS

Ensure your curriculum map is always complete and current in One45 by aligning learning events with those recorded in Canvas, through our Canvas Alignment Tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does One45 Curriculum Management support different curriculum models?

Yes, our flexible solution supports programs using conventional academic year curricula, phased curricula, longitudinal integrated clerkships (LICs), and other models. As well, various teaching methods are supported, such as Problem Based Learning (PBL), Case Based Learning (CBL), Team Based Learning (TBL) and Small Group Learning (SGL).

Can we map our curriculum to a unique framework for our program or discipline?

Yes, we can accommodate any type of curriculum framework or list of competencies to ensure that you are able to have a complete and accurate view of your curriculum within One45. You can also track assessment methods, instructional methods, resources, EPAs, examination frameworks, themes and threads, keywords, and taxonomies (e.g., Bloom’s taxonomy).

How does One45 Curriculum Management support accreditation reporting requirements?

Prior to 2023, when reporting requirements changed, One45 was the most-used vendor solution for Curriculum Inventory Reporting (CIR) by medical schools to the AAMC. We continue to support UME programs in responding to the AAMC’s SCOPE annual survey. As well, we support various other program disciplines (e.g., Veterinary, Pharmacy) in ensuring that their curriculum maps meet their accrediting body’s requirements, and ultimately drive continuous quality improvement.

How does One45 Curriculum Management enhance what is captured in my LMS?

The Canvas Alignment Tool synchronizes the learning events and facilitators’ names with what is in One45, so that you can be confident your curriculum map is always complete with the detail you need for facilitator reporting. This tool makes it easy for you to ensure that your One45 curriculum map remains up-to-date with the latest data from the Canvas Learning Management System.

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