Casper’s reliability is regularly evaluated as part of our continuous quality assurance. We monitor test reliability in three ways:

  • Internal consistency – We measure this at every test sitting, and the scores are consistently strong. 
  • Inter-rater reliability – How closely two or more raters agree with the score.
  • Test-retest reliability – Consistency of an individual’s performance over time.

Through these measures, you can be confident that Casper maintains a methodical and consistent measurement approach. This assures a quality evaluation at every test sitting. 

We test ourselves, too.

We’re constantly evaluating our products and processes to ensure they are highly reliable and effective. Study after study shows that Casper provides crucial, defensible data points in your holistic review of applicants.


Casper is the most widely used situational judgment test in admissions.


Casper consistently shows 25-50% smaller demographic differences compared to academic assessments.


Casper results are predictable indicators of admissions performance and beyond.

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