Originally developed in 2004 at McMaster University for medical school admissions, Casper’s open-response format allows for freer expression from applicants. This can help reduce score differences between majority and minority groups.

This has made Casper the most trusted and widely used situational judgment test (SJT) in higher education admissions. To date, more than 600 programs around the world have used Casper, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Since 2016, over 700,000 applicants have taken Casper, including 96% of US medical school applicants. 

We test ourselves, too.

We’re constantly evaluating our products and processes to ensure they are highly reliable and effective. Study after study shows that Casper provides crucial, defensible data points in your holistic review of applicants.


Casper results are predictable indicators of admissions performance and beyond.


Casper consistently shows 25-50% smaller demographic differences compared to academic assessments.


Casper’s methodology provides consistent, highly reliable results compared to personal statements and reference letters.


Casper’s unique open-response format enhances fairness and takes personal experience into account.

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