See how Casper by Acuity Insights shows meaningful and actionable relationships with selection, admissions performance, in-program and work-placement performance.

In academic literature and program-specific quality assurance studies, Casper shows meaningful and actionable relationships with selection, admissions performance, in-program and work-placement performance.

Casper and admissions performance

Studies show significant associations between Casper and admissions outcomes, including faculty interview, multiple-mini interview, and faculty rank list position. Across quality assurance studies from 19 programs and 56,000 applicants, higher Casper scores relate to higher odds of being selected for an interview/MMI, performing well in the interview/MMI, and ultimately being accepted into the program.

Casper, in-program performance and beyond

In addition to Casper’s impactful relationships with admissions performance, Casper increasingly shows meaningful relationships with evaluations of personal, interpersonal, and professional traits in various contexts, including predicting on national licensure exam performances, work placements and fieldwork evaluations including clerkship honors status. These relationships help identify students with exceptional or concerning professional behaviors, aiding programs in reducing professionalism issues, lowering remediation costs, and supporting students poised to effectively serve their communities. Using Casper has also been linked to fewer medical residents requiring formal learning interventions. 


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We’re constantly evaluating our products and processes to ensure they are highly reliable and effective. Study after study shows that Casper provides crucial, defensible data points in your holistic review of applicants.


Casper is the most widely used situational judgment test in admissions.


Casper consistently shows 25-50% smaller demographic differences compared to academic assessments.


Casper’s methodology provides consistent, highly reliable results compared to personal statements and reference letters.


Casper’s unique open-response format enhances fairness and takes personal experience into account.

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