Lessons learned implementing EPAs in UGME

Mike Paget, Manager of Academic Technologies for University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine spoke with Acuity Product Manager, Sylvia Mioduszewska about the University of Calgary’s introduction of entrustable professional activities (EPAs) into the UGME curriculum. Together, they explored some of the challenges encountered, key takeaways from their work so far, and lessons learned from PGME competency-based medical education that they are applying to implement EPAs in UGME.

The discussion covers a range of topics:

How the EPA project began at U of C and the impact of COVID-191:40
What has changed in 2021’s review process versus 2020? 6:33
University of Calgary’s unique entrustment scale approach 7:32
Lessons learned from University of Calgary’s PGME competency-based medicine move9:51
Challenges of faculty development for competency-based education 11:53
Complexities of seeking feedback as UGME learners 16:24
Exploring the research potential of the new data 19:13
Looking at EPA data to fill gaps in ensuring preparedness for residency 23:10
Successes of data collection in reduced clinical settings25:30
EPAs and potential impact on the medical student performance record 28:30
How to get faculty to complete assessments? 30:11
Advice for others embarking on EPAs for UGME 31:54
Takeaways to consider differently for the future33:42
On mobile assessment of EPAs 39:44
Research on performance feedback discussion 42:00

Applying PGME CBME lessons to implement EPAs in UGME

Here is a quick snippet of the webinar where Mike speaks to how they have been using the data and lessons learned from their post-graduate CBME implementation in their efforts to implement EPAs in UGME.

Our team here at Acuity would like to thank Mike Paget for taking the time to speak with us about their work and the research being done at the University of Calgary on implementing EPAs in UGME. 

Additional resources referenced by Mike Paget in the video:

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