Digital Journal: Interview with Dr. Kelly Dore on AI and College Admissions

“Artificial intelligence is playing an increased role in university and college admissions. Being a human derived construct, questions of ethics and bias need to be debated in terms of AI’s use in college admissions. This leads onto the consideration of other types of non-traditional assessments of prospective students.”

Read the full piece in Digital Journal, where Dr. Dore answers the following questions:

  • What use cases are there for AI in the college admissions process?
  • How can these emerging AI technologies be used to get a clearer picture of an applicant and how can it support students once they are admitted?
  • Are there any significant drawbacks or risks associated with AI’s use by higher-ed institutions?
  • Is there a possibility that universities turn to AI and ML models before it’s ready for ethical use?
  • Why is implicit bias training crucial for those creating AI modes in admissions offices?
  • Will AI technology ever be able to fully automate the admissions process, or will a human touch always be necessary?