Authority Magazine: Dr. Kelly Dore discusses the US educational system

“The US education system is a world leader and has a lot of opportunities to innovate given the vast amount of creativity that exists within the US economy itself. But, when you’re the best, you need to keep challenging yourself and continue to raise the proverbial bar higher and higher. As we know from the days prior to the pandemic, education as a whole, not just in the US, is often stuck in the old way of doing things, and the reasoning behind this isn’t sound: “because that’s the way it’s always been done.”

The system can’t be rated on a traditional scale as the opportunities and issues that exist are far too challenging to quantify, however, the education system globally needs to get out of its own way in feeling like education must be done in the same fashion today as it was 10 years ago. Technologies, knowledge, and skills that are required are changing at a rapid pace. For example, look at how Artificial Intelligence has changed our world in the last couple of years alone. The ways we are teaching students must also evolve to prepare students for the complex challenges and problems they will face upon graduation.”

Yitzi Weiner, from Authority Magazine interviews Dr. Kelly Dore on five improvements she’d like to see in the US educational system – and what higher education is doing right.

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