Campus Recruitment Success With Casper: Boosting Soft Skills

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, hiring the right talent is a constant challenge for companies. According to research produced by Aptitude research partners and Yello, the demand for skilled college graduates is on the rise, with approximately 70% of US companies actively recruiting from campuses. Despite the abundance of graduates with excellent grades and relevant work experiences, there is an increasing need for professionals who possess essential soft skills crucial for thriving within a team-oriented workplace.

So, what’s the best way for companies to find graduates who have the right mix of technical competence and interpersonal abilities? This is where Casper’s open-response situational judgment test (SJT) comes into play as a simple and valuable tool to incorporate into the campus recruitment process.

Casper: A Solution for Hiring Success

Casper is an innovative SJT that evaluates candidates based on a range of essential soft skills, including communication, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, resilience, ethics, and empathy. These attributes are vital for fostering a positive work culture as well as driving employee and organizational success. By incorporating Casper into the hiring process, companies gain valuable insights into a candidate’s ability to excel within a professional team environment, as well as with clients, partners, buyers, and any other key external stakeholders

How Casper Evaluates Soft Skills for Improved Campus Recruitment Decisions

Traditional campus recruitment methods primarily focus on academic performance and internship experiences, which may not provide a complete picture of a candidate’s potential to contribute effectively to the company. Casper fills this critical gap by assessing candidates’ soft skills, which are equally crucial for a well-rounded workforce – leading to campus recruitment success.

Casper assesses how individuals would handle personal and professional challenges and, more importantly, their underlying reasoning. It has an open-response format unlike other SJTs that use a multiple choice format with pre-determined lists of answers. This ensures Casper promotes authenticity by allowing applicants to describe their actions and provide the rationale behind their decisions in specific scenarios. 

Casper is delivered online, making it possible for your candidates on any campus to take it easily on any computer. It takes 90-110 minutes to complete. The test includes both text and video-based scenarios and responses that reflect real-life experiences, encouraging participants to freely express their thoughts.

The human raters responsible for scoring candidates receive extensive training, including anti-bias training, and represent the community that the new hires will serve, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive evaluation.

A single z-score is provided to the company, enabling recruiters to better predict who will bring the right personal and professional skills into their workplaces.

Talent acquisition leaders and professionals can leverage Casper’s evaluations by combining them with other decision-making inputs to make informed hiring decisions. By identifying candidates with strong professional attributes, companies can build teams that are not only technically competent but also collaborative, empathetic, and adaptive to changing work dynamics.

When To Use Casper In Your Campus Recruitment

To maximize the benefits of Casper, talent acquisition leaders and professionals should use it early in the hiring process. By incorporating Casper scores as a vital component for shortlisting candidates, companies can identify the most well-rounded individuals who have the highest potential to succeed in their roles to move to the more time- and resource-intensive interview stage.

As campus recruitment remains a crucial strategy for acquiring junior talent, companies have the opportunity to embrace innovative solutions to select candidates with the right mix of technical expertise and soft skills. 

By incorporating Casper into their hiring process, companies that hire a large number of graduates every year can confidently identify those who possess the professional skills necessary to thrive in their careers and become invaluable contributors to the future of their organizations. Let Casper be the key to unlocking the true potential of your campus recruitment success and shaping a dynamic workforce that sets your company on a path to unparalleled growth.

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