Altus Assessments rebrands to Acuity Insights

We are thrilled to announce that Altus Assessments has rebranded under our new name, Acuity Insights.

Since 2014, Altus Assessments has been specializing in developing admissions assessment tools, including the situational judgment test (SJT) Casper, which is now used by over 530 programs worldwide. Our company name change to Acuity Insights represents our commitment to continuously improving our products and services to better serve our exceptional higher education partners and improve the learner journey.

Why is Altus Assessments changing its name?

In August 2021, Altus Assessments acquired One45, which specialized in providing medical schools with the operational tools and data analytics required to run better programs. The combination of experience and expertise between our teams gives us a unique end-to-end perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by leadership and administration of higher education programs today. We decided to rename the company Acuity Insights to better reflect the connection of our exceptional teams and the breadth of solutions we now offer our partners.

What is the larger vision that led to this change?

Our vision with Acuity Insights is to provide a robust platform of tools that connects data to help higher education programs identify and select applicants, nurture learners, and uncover insights that inform decisions. From admissions through graduation, we aim to provide a holistic, longitudinal view of a program and its learners, which enables performance monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvement.

Are there any other expected changes?

In early 2023, you will see other exciting announcements from us with new product names, and big changes to our Analytics and Altus Insights experiences.

As well, we’re working on other improvements to our products, including new integrations, and improving functionality for both programs and learners.

As our partners know, we are constantly looking to improve our products, and programs play a key role in informing those improvements. We will continue to work alongside programs to understand how we can best support them as they manage change and work toward implementing new processes.

To find out more about our exciting rebrand, please visit our rebranding information page.