3 Takeaways From Our Talk with the EdUp Experience

Many higher education enthusiasts go to the popular podcast show the EdUp Experience for all things higher education. Earlier this week, our Co-Founder and VP, Science & Innovation, Dr. Kelly Dore sat down with the EdUp Experience podcast host Dr. Joe Sallustio, and guest co-host Dr. Chuck Ambrose, Chancellor of Henderson State University to discuss the concept of Connected Outcomes Management. The conversation between Kelly, Joe, and Chuck was informative, enlightening, and a lot of fun!

Below we’ve included three takeaways from Kelly’s episode, but make sure to have a listen to the full podcast episode to learn more about connected outcomes management.

Data is the Key to our Evolution

Recently, we announced that Altus Assessments and One45 have evolved into Acuity Insights. This evolution was ignited by a common goal between Altus Assessments and One45 to support educators in leveraging program and learner data to inform key decisions that improve both student experience and program effectiveness. Data is the key to understanding and unlocking a broad range of insights on where to spend vital resources to improve education outcomes for everyone.

We’re Breaking Down Silos in Higher Ed

It’s crucial to understand the bigger picture when we’re looking at different data sets; however, departments or functions within higher education institutions often operate within silos that don’t share data or insights outside of their own group. Without the full picture we have a limited ability to support learners; and it’s difficult to effectively evaluate program performance and improvements. Acuity’s goal was to create a solution that would connect the data across functions (Connected Outcomes Management), to effectively break down silos. We do this by centralizing learner and program data, and automating longitudinal analysis, and reporting – in turn allowing for improved outcomes for both the learner and the program.

We Can’t Forget About Admissions Data

In Kelly’s discussion on the EdUp Experience podcast, Joe said something really thought-provoking: “The incoming path tells you a lot about the journey”. Kelly went on to discuss why admissions data is so important to understanding the learner journey. It’s imperative that programs combine admissions and in-program data to support learners – this type of data can help widen access to all learners, and encourage continuity in education.

We could not possibly cover all of the incredible discussion points from Kelly’s episode with The EdUp Experience, so please listen to the full episode to hear more about the importance of connecting our actions to outcomes through longitudinal views of program and learner data.