Three ways to use performance data you might not have thought of

At Acuity Insights, we understand the unique challenges faced by educators and administrators. From tracking individual student performance to comparing experiences across campuses, the need for a comprehensive analytics solution is clear. Traditional methods of managing data across various systems and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient.

Analytics by Acuity Insights is a data warehouse and performance management platform  created by the same team who brought you One45 for medical education program management. It not only consolidates your data into a single, unified data warehouse but also provides an intuitive interface for in-depth analysis of student and program performance. Here are some innovative applications of Analytics for Higher Education:

  1. Enhanced Tutor Selection Process: Using detailed performance data from Analytics, educational programs can accurately select tutors based on their effectiveness in specific subjects or activities. This targeted approach, facilitated by the Analytics data warehouse, ensures efficient and appropriate tutor-student matching.

  2. Insights from Data Absence: The absence of specific data points can provide proactive insights into a student’s academic path. Analytics efficiently tracks students who may have missed critical exams, aiding in their educational success and Student Performance Analytics.

  3. Streamlining Academic Research: As highlighted by McKinsey & Company, leveraging insights from data analytics helps simplify the academic research process. Analytics by Acuity Insights efficiently consolidates and visualizes necessary data, making research more streamlined and impactful.

Your higher education program data, when unlocked with the capabilities of Analytics by Acuity Insights, becomes a powerful tool for answering critical questions and guiding strategic decision-making. Explore how Analytics can further enhance your insights.

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