One45 is now part of Altus Assessments

Did you try visiting the One45 website, only to be redirected to Altus? Are you wondering why this happened? Over the summer, One45 was acquired by Altus Assessments. This is an exciting moment, not only for our company, but to all of our partners and stakeholders in MedEd. Combining our teams and expertise means that we’re able to provide medical schools with research-backed admissions assessments, operational tools, and the end-to-end data analytics they need to run great programs and train better doctors. With Altus’ footprint across health professions and higher education in general, even more academic programs will gain meaningful insights on their students to support them across their entire journey, from recruitment, through admissions and training, until graduation.

What does this mean?

Now that One45 is now part of Altus, this new website is now your go-to source for admissions and education program management. We still offer all the products we had before (and more), it’s just the branding has changed. This development has no immediate impact for those MedEd institutions who were already working with One45; the terms of their agreement and their customer success manager remain the same. Over time, our combined offerings will provide integrated capabilities and more of the data they need right from the beginning to identify, select, and nurture exceptional professionals. 

Learn about our expanded toolbox for MedEd and Higher Ed

Altus is now working to enable more programs to select the right applicants in admissions, identify and assist those students that need additional support, and improve their curriculum each year. This end-to-end service will be possible through our expanded suite of products that include:

To help you navigate our expanded services more easily, we’ve also created a section on our website called “Solutions.” These solutions can be found on the top navigation bar on our website, where you’ll see solution options by department, including Admissions, Curriculum Management, Assessment, Student Affairs, and the Dean’s Office.

We’re improving the learners’ experience, too

For learners, Altus offers a fair and standardized opportunity to stand out during the admissions process through its suite of assessments. As they enter training, Altus will continue supporting learners’ professional development with formative assessments and insights that help them understand what areas to improve as they pursue their dream.

Contact us to learn more about our exciting vision for MedEd and the additional support we can provide you with today.