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Get exceptional outcomes with a sharper, holistic view of your applicants, students and programs — all the way from admissions to graduation.

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Supercharge success

With our solutions, you can seek out tomorrow’s leaders, widen students’ pathways to higher ed, and nurture them to success in their fields.

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When you have a holistic, big-picture view, the path to success shows itself

We give you the tools to connect all the pieces:

  • Assess the whole applicant and broaden opportunities
  • Ensure every student has the skills to succeed
  • Achieve your mission and diversity goals with a student body that reflects the communities they’re going to serve
  • Manage and operate world-class health sciences programs to meet evolving educational and professional landscapes
  • Get timely data and insights you need to ensure program and student success
  • Reduce overall remediation costs

Our solutions

Holistic admissions

Go deeper than test scores — measure social intelligence, professionalism and mission alignment, too.

Program management

Make sure your programs are running at peak efficiency — for your students and your staff.

Data and insights

Get the data you need to identify gaps, seize opportunities and drive results — all in one place.

Research and consulting

Collaborate with our team to uncover hidden insights and opportunities. The answers are there. We can help you look.

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Our data on Casper’s predictive validity clearly shows that there are benefits to using Casper in the admissions process…we think it could potentially help us determine the best candidates to invite to interviews after secondary applications.

Dr. Stacey L. Fanning, PhD, Assistant Professor and Course Director of Immunology, Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

I think we’ve finally got a process that works for us. I’m much more confident in the quality of students we’re bringing into the program and Casper plays a huge role in that. Without a doubt, other programs would benefit by using it too.

Thomas Morgan, Assistant Professor and Director of Admissions, The School of Physician Assistant Practice at Florida State University

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