Toronto Star: Enriching campus diversity through holistic admissions at Canadian schools

“The recent overturning of affirmative action by the U.S. Supreme Court has sent shock waves through the education system south of the border. Colleges and universities must now face the challenge of maintaining their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, without being able to consider race in their admission processes.

Earlier this month, Sachin Maharaj penned a compelling piece for the Star about the reality of affirmative action in Canada. “So how is it that despite decades of constitutionally sanctioned affirmative action, we still have school systems that are mostly white? It is part of an educational trajectory — that starts in elementary and high schools and continues to universities and school boards — where some people are encouraged along certain paths, and others are nudged away,” Maharaj wrote.”

Read Dr. Kelly Dore’s full article in the Toronto Star, where she discusses key solutions to achieving diversity at Canadian higher education institutions.