eCampus News: Improve Your Admissions Process With These Strategies

“The Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down affirmative action in college admissions rocked the world of higher education, with academic institutions left to reevaluate their admissions policies and how they will continue to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

But the end of affirmative action doesn’t mean the end of diversity and accessibility in higher education. A new study found that colleges and universities are finding alternative ways to bring diverse students to campus. Despite 73 percent of admissions leaders saying the ban on affirmative action has a significant impact on student diversity, schools remain committed to their DEI goals — and many are turning to holistic admissions processes to provide a more in-depth view of an applicant’s potential.”

Dr. Kelly Dore, Co-Founder of Acuity Insights and VP, Science & Innovation penned this insightful and informative piece about strategies higher education institutions should implement to support greater equity in admissions.

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