University Business: How to navigate a changing education climate

“Higher education’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is nearing a potential inflection point as two trends coalesce this summer: State bills stamping out DEI offices and two Supreme Court rulings are expected to strike down affirmative action in the coming days.

These decisions, some higher education stakeholders argue, will have both short- and long-term impacts on minority students and American communities at large. At the campus level, colleges risk isolating students.

“Without fully understanding a student’s background and life experiences, the ability to help them thrive in higher education is obstructed. Underlying it is not just about students getting in; it is also about making them feel part of the school community and ensuring they continue and thrive,” said Dr. Kelly Dore, an assistant professor at McMaster University and co-founder of Acuity Insights, a data-driven software company that identifies strong college applicants.”

Dr. Kelly Dore was recently interviewed by University Business reporter Alcino Donadel. Read the full article on the changing DEI landscape in higher education – and what education experts believe we should do about it.