AACSB Insights: Preparing future business leaders to thrive in a diverse world

In today’s diverse world, business professionals are increasingly asked to serve stakeholders in a global marketplace, all while making broad and meaningful societal impact. In this context, effective leaders and healthy organizations must possess high levels of cultural intelligence. In other words, they must have the ability to respect, communicate with, and empathize with people who are culturally different from themselves. They must be open to hearing a variety of perspectives and willing to consider novel ways of addressing complex problems.

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Key takeaways include:

  • Why cultural intelligence is an increasingly critical leadership skill for future business professionals.
  • How business schools can facilitate soft skills training into their courses, and also their extracurricular activities and faculty workshops.
  • Why it’s critical that schools adopt holistic admissions processes that identify applicants who demonstrate the aptitude for culturally intelligent leadership.