Introducing The Altus 2022

We are thrilled to announce The Altus, our annual magazine, is now ready for you to dive into! This year, The Altus contains a wide range of insightful and educational content from leading experts in MedEd.

What you can expect from The Altus

  • Dr. Brigham Willis, Founding Dean at the University of Texas Tyler School of Medicine, sits down with Acuity Insights (formerly Altus Assessments) and discusses emerging trends in MedEd
  • We unveil the Alo Grant—our annual $100,000 grant that supports research in the global admissions community—and we’re thrilled to share more about the recipients and their research topics
  • Dr. Lara Canham, Senior Instructor and Chair of Admissions at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, discusses the value and importance of recruiting and selecting diverse physical therapists
  • Dr. Sunny Nakae, Senior Associate Dean of Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Community Partnerships at California University of Science and Medicine, shares the key to equity in MedEd
  • Dr. Leslie Fall, Executive Director at Aquifer, talks about adaptability in the healthcare industry and why formative assessments are the key to adaptability
  • Dr. Michael Cullen, Senior Director of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research at the University of Minnesota, discusses how SJTs are helping to nurture professionalism in trainees.

Check out The Altus now to read these featured stories and so much more!