Altus Assessments launches the online Altus Academy to help the university admissions community connect, learn, and grow

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, Altus Assessments has decided to launch Altus Academy – an online resource centre and gathering spot where the university admissions community can connect, learn, and grow.

“Virtually overnight, these institutions, who work hard to educate tomorrow’s professionals and leaders, have had to overhaul many of their key processes,” says Rich Emrich, CEO of Altus Assessments. “Our goal is to offer resources and a community gathering place to help them through it so they can bring in the best students to their programs.”

Altus Academy will serve as a go-to resource for admissions professionals to find best practices and other practical resources, original and third-party research, and a community to network with other schools. The Academy will also host masterclasses to support both personal and professional development, with the option to earn certification in any of the following streams: foundations in admissions, diversity and inclusion, marketing for student recruitment, transparency in selection, and productivity in a pandemic.

The Academy is the latest in a string of new offerings from the company. Just last year the company introduced the annual $100,000 Alo Grant to accelerate new research in admissions, and hosted the Admissions Summit for the global admissions community to network and share best practices. All of these initiatives, in combination with delivering the Casper test, allows Altus to continue to grow and fulfil its vision of creating exceptional professionals.

“For us, this is all about giving back to the community in these times of change and adapting together,” says Tony Vlismas, director of marketing at Altus Assessments. “As part of our rebrand this year, we want the admissions community to know that we’re more than Casper; we’re building more evidence-based products to further support their screening processes, funding important research to improve admissions, and connecting the community through virtual events and educational webinars.”

About Altus Assessments
At Altus Assessments, we empower decision-making about future professionals based on proprietary research and data-driven insights. Our product, Casper, is a situational judgement test that helps higher education admissions departments look beyond book smarts, seeing a clearer, more holistic view of applicants. The Casper test is taken by 100,000+ applicants annually, including 80% of all US and Canadian medical school applicants. We also host the Admissions Summit, an annual 2-day conference, and power the Alo Grant, an annual $100,000 research fund. Working with over 360 academic partners, Altus is preparing tomorrow’s professionals. Learn more at or follow us at

Media Contact:
Tony Vlismas, Director of Marketing